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  1. Fox buys The Leviathan by Jim Uhls ... ruairi

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    2. Icarus


      @shadow: on that, we agree!

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      I thought with WILD Hornby et al did a nice story weave with multiple flashbacks to keep it tight and the tone consistent. Generally not a flashback fan but here I thought it worked quite well.

    4. Icarus


      @George: tight and consistent, sure. But "tight" in this case just amounted to "Cliff's notes plot points"-- mom was abused, escaped, went to school, got cancer, died, brother didn't know how to deal with it, Cheryl became an addict-- all of which we've seen a billion times before. WILD, to me, didn't add any unique perspective on any of it. It was just a recitation of "family tragedy" tropes.

    1. Elliott79


      Point Break by Wes Anderson...


    2. opie100


      The Schwartz Awakens:

  2. Soderbergh 'Remakes' Raiders... http://extension765.com/sdr/18-raiders

    1. axalon


      Well, he's right. It does look gorgeous in black and white.

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