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    2. Icarus


      @Scott: There's a ton of craftsmanship and talent involved in writing a screenplay like gotg, but at the end of the day, it's not really trying to do anything except be reasonably diverting. Nothing wrong with that (not everything can or should strive for ha igher purpose), but it's a sad day when that represents one of the "highest achievements in screenwriting" for an entire freaking year. (That being said, there are-- gasp-- politics behind these awards, and gotg benefi...

    3. andrewpwoodberry


      Do WGA voters actually get to read all the scripts? I haven't seen a PDF of gotg, but have read the rest. How can you vote for a screenplay you can't read?

    4. Escapist


      I love the GotG nomination. Far more deserving than WILD, which was awful.

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