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  1. Looking for some reads on a new feature. In the vein of The Place Beyond the Pines -- holding off on WIP for now. Always ready to return the favor if that's an incentive.

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    2. Mr. Mo

      Mr. Mo

      Thanks, fellas. One final bump if anybody else is interested...

    3. Movieguy
    4. Mr. Mo

      Mr. Mo

      Great! Thanks.

  2. Looking to watch/read dark comedies in the vein of Snatch, Smash and Grab, Filth, In Bruges etc for my next project... Any suggestions, guys and gals? Especially interested in specs.

    1. Mysterian


      The Guard by John Michael McDonagh

    2. Mr. Mo

      Mr. Mo

      Good suggestion, I've already seen it but it's exactly what I'm looking for.

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