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  1. Are there any decent places online to get pilot coverage?

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    2. specwriter


      Use TB Coverage. I bought it for my pilot, they did a good job.

    3. admin


      Discounted rates are coming for Pilots. Actually just checked in on this for another member on Friday. Here's what I was told...

    4. admin


      "We do. 2 of our TB Recommends have been pilots in fact. Both Mike Perri's "Nexxus" which landed him reps and spots in 3 writing fellowships after our recommend, and Santa Sierra's "Growing Up Morales" which landed her reps and the big Amazon writing job just last week.


      As of now the rates are the same, as we have not struck a deal with a new TV-ONLY reader. With the launch of the new site, and LP/Coverage program this will change. But that launch is no...

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