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  1. Right, I've added the first 34 pages(of a 110 pages) of my script Die Today to Live Tomorrow into the file exchange. Now, please bare in mind that this is not the finished article and i am polishing it up as we speak. But I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the story, the content, etc. and what you guy's think of it.

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    2. Hasmap


      Yes, I would greatly appreciate anyone PM my mistakes so I can adjust them.

    3. aphid47


      It's probably a good idea to read through and edit your grammatical errors and mistakes before handing off your script for anyone to read. Even if you're just handing it off to your best friend.

    4. Hasmap


      I've gone through all the spelling mistakes. I'm just sorting everything else out at the moment.One of friends is a writer, who has just had his first book published and he's said he'll take a look.

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