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  1. Off to see to Skyfall today. Cannot wait! Am suprised though that it sounds so long, given I bought Tickets for 11am(British Time) and it finishes 13:50pm. But from what i've heard and read, sounds like I'm going to enjoy every minute. :)

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    2. sbbn


      I don't think 11am is exclusively a British time. We have it here in the States too.


    3. CrackDown


      I liked it. Not as much as Casino Royale, but liked it. There were a few script problems with shoehorning elements to elongate an action sequence which I didn't like. The whole film owes a lot to Christopher Nolan, there's many similarities to The Dark Knight and Inception. It looked gorgeous though.

    4. Hasmap


      I loved, it is without doubt up there withe my fav films of the year. It is to me, the best Craig one yet. Hated Quatum, loved Casino Royale, although I did get bored at points with so much time spent in the Casino. And I love, Goldeneye, and it's better than that. The intro is the best i can recall, Adele's song recalls the beautiful songs from the early years of Bond. Bardem's ref to Jaws is a nice touch and he's the best villian the the series i quite some time(possibly sin...

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