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  1. I vote for a set chat time on Friday's. Suggestions welcomed.

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    2. Elliott79


      I'll never understand the lurkers.

    3. sbbn


      What's to understand? In the really real world people participate in group conversations without actively contributing (sometimes saying nothing at all) all the time. This isn't exactly a new phenomenon created by the internet.

    4. adlocke


      chat is a mix of asynchronous and synchronous communication. it's part real time, part respond when you want to whatever you want. it's odd because communicating through writing is probably more accurate, at least for people who say know what a passive sentence is, than spilling out what's on your mind but it takes a little longer and that kinda has to factor into what you consider a normal conversation. it's not too much to ask to put up with, but i see how it's frustrati...

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