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    2. sbbn


      Of course Pizzolatto read Pizzolatto - he says exactly that in interviews and has stated that his writing was influential in the show. In fact, he's tells people in interviews to go read Ligotti's books.



    3. sbbn


      Plagiarism is a fuzzy thing in literary works. It's not a simple as "oh, he used lines from such and such (which happens all the time in books and films). As far as I am aware, True Det. is not a plot lifted or characters taken directly from Pizzolatto's books - it's a character who quotes from books that influenced his philosophy on the way he sees the world (which is a very human thing to do).

    4. sbbn


      If the character was only quoting Shakespeare and each time saying "and this, by the way, is a direct quote from a writer known as Shakespeare" no one would give a damn. But it would be pretty stupid.


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