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  1. Pretty sobering and worth a read: http://aspiringtvwriter.blogspot.com

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    2. Allen


      Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily disagree with Amanda. She is right: screenwriting is an incredibly difficult, almost impossible career to achieve any kind of success in. I just think that taking career advice from someone with no actual professional screenwriting experience might not be the best way to proceed if you're serious about it. Don't let someone who doesn't really know bring you down.

    3. StringerBell


      Funforall, I don't think it's the industry intentionally trying to mislead aspiring writers, but rather the media's desire for a STORY. What would you rather read? "Overnight success breaks in with million dollar script sale" or "part-time screenwriter of twelve years with nineteen scripts under his belt finally scores a $10k option"? And as one poster above noted, the agents and writer want the heat associated with those big headlines, whether or not they...

    4. bladebeam1


      I hear you, StringerBell. That makes perfect sense.

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