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  1. THE KEVIN COSTNER’S ASS EDITION Welcome, readers. I’m Mike De Luca and this is ON THE SLATE. This is where we talk about what’s hot, what’s not, what’s overrated, what’s underrated, what’s awful, what’s awesome…well, you know, we met at that “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Night”. You were wearing pink feathers. I was lip-syncing to “SOS”. We went into the Red Room and then we…Wait, that wasn’t you? Shit. Anyway, welcome! One week we might talk about Charlie Sheen’s new job at Jack In The Box, or offering up unfiltered commentary on my days as a naughty nun. But, before we begin, there are three things you need to know – #1 – This is ON THE SLATE with Mike De Luca. #2 – I did not produce “Drive Angry 3D”. #3 – I have Tiger Blood. Let’s begin… “I wanna do some blow.” – Sigmund Freud I used to like “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”. After all, Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do (I Do For You”) is the consummate cheesy early ‘90s love song. It may not get you laid, but it will certainly get you to first base. Then I watched it again. Alan Rickman gets to do whatever he wants with mixed results. Now, I have some love for The Rickman. Hans Gruber. Severus Snape. That Bad Guy From “Quigley Down Under”. But to let any actor (outside of Bill Murray) randomly make up their own shit is asking for trouble. And so we have the Sheriff of Nottingham telling people to “Cancel Christmas” and such. The closest comparative would be Dustin Hoffman in “Hook”. In “Hook”, Hoffman hams it up all over the place as the titular character, but the performance exists in its own universe. The rest of the film is just an afterthought, but, honestly, who could blame him? RUFIO!!!! And when Alan Rickman playing Hans Gruber playing The Sheriff of Nottingham mugging as if his life depended on it cannot shield you from the flabby horror that is Kevin Costner’s ass, the game is well neigh lost. Yes, even Morgan Freeman as Robin’s sidekick Azeem the Moor (with all the “More You Know” good-for-you lessons the inclusion of such a character implies) cannot save us from Kevin Costner using his naked behind as a McGuffin. Yes, you heard me, Bob McKee, Ass As A McGuffin. Basically, Maid Marion decides Robin of Locksley is not the spoiled rich brat she once knew and tells him to take a bath. He does, and, coincidentally, she comes upon him at just the right moment so every viewer gets the full rear vanity shot of Mr. Costner’s behind. The kind of shot that says, “I Am The Star And You Won’t Find This On Christian Slater, Man!” Which is probably why Christian Slater’s Will Scarlett spends the better part of the movie with his lip curled in a pout. (By the way, if you really hate Christian Slater, watch John Woo’s “Windtalkers”. Yes, it is a piece of shit. Yes, it has a partially-burned Nicolas Cage in it, with all the Classic Cage Richard III Freak Show hijinks such a performance implies, but if Christian Slater vexes you, you are in for a treat.) But, anyway, Maid Marian looks at Robin, we get a Michael Kamen-synthesized hit of Bryan Adams, and BOOM, Maid Marian falls in love. With Kevin Costner’s Ass. Kevin Costner’s Ass has its defenders, but they are the same people who liked “Waterworld”. And, that, in a nutshell, is why “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” is a godawful movie. Next! This just in: Charlie Sheen is looking for a new “goddess”. I have filled out my application. Moving on… Universal, I am so not in love with you right now. Yes, the sex was terrific, but really, this puts a bug in my bonnet. That’s right, the studio gave you “The Dilemma” (a cinematic masterwork by any definition) is pulling the plug on Guillermo Del Toro’s dream project: his long-awaited adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s “At The Mountains of Madness”. Yes, 150 million is a lot to put down on a gory R-rated epic with no women, but you have James Cameron producing, Tom Cruise starring, 3D effects, and one of the most visionary directors of our time at the helm. In a world where Vince Vaughn gets $17 million just to play Vince Vaughn, why can’t the guy who made “Pan’s Labyrinth” get the chance to make something truly extraordinary? I’ll tell you why. Because Cthulu can’t do slapstick. Or model a Prada bag while sipping Cosmos. Or fight big dumb robots. Do I sound bitter? Well, you would, too, if your Charlie Sheen “Goddess” application got rejected. That’s all I’m saying. Besides, Universal will make it up to us when “Battleship” comes out. Right? Next! My friends, if you do not feel that you can hack it as one of Charlie Sheen’s “goddesses”, you can apply to be his Social Media Intern. That’s right, if you have Tiger Blood, the elusive substance that is the source of Charlie Sheen’s power, then you just might have what it takes to serve his Royal Majesty for free! Yes, if you ever wanted to be the indentured servant of the star of “Hot Shots!”, now is the time to act. Seize The Day! Your master awaits you. And he likes the Sigmund, if you know what I mean. And sex with Betty White. All the time. Day in and day out. 9 to 5. Moving on… Has helium got you down? Have you ever watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on TV and wanted to punch a hole through Charlie Brown’s face? Well, now, you may have more than one chance next year. Yes, in a world where Tiger Blood is the only true currency, “Untitled Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Project” is pushing forward at IAM Entertainment. Thank you, Scott Glasgold. Thank you, Raymond Brothers. You know what I need, baby. Until next week, this is ON THE SLATE reminding you to not to take candy from strangers, unless sex comes with it. Love, Mike
  2. THE UP YOURS GREYSTOKE EDITION Welcome, readers. I’m Mike De Luca and this is ON THE SLATE. This is where we talk about what’s hot, what’s not, what’s overrated, what’s underrated, what’s awful, what’s awesome…well, you know, we met at that “Dress Like Your Favorite 300 Character Party”. You had that fetching loin cloth, I carried a large elongated spear. We went into the Greek Room, you shouted “THIS IS SPARTA!”, and then we….Wait, that wasn’t you? Then who was it? Shit. I hate to stereotype, but, after a while, all Spartans look the same. In any case, welcome! One week we could be talking about Charlie Sheen’s slide into rationality, or offering up unfiltered commentary on my days as a Burmese lapdancer named Cho. But, before we begin, there are three things you need to know – #1 – This is ON THE SLATE with Mike De Luca. #2 – I did not produce “Town and Country”. #3 – I need your love. Let’s begin… I want to bitch slap Robert Towne. I want to bitch slap director Hugh Hudson. Christopher Lambert – dude is “Highlander”, he gets a pass. You may be wondering what the hell I am talking about, or if the wheels have fallen off my wagon. But, I assure you, you will recognize my outrage, as we’ve all been there before. Picture a man in bed. Have I got your attention? Good. Picture a man in bed with TCM running on the television. (No, not naked. I’m a pajama man.) A film begins, and for the first twenty minutes or so, he finds himself riveted by the power of near wordless imagery in a lush tropical setting. A young English couple, the Claytons, end up shipwrecked off the coast of Africa. They make home in the jungle. Ten months later, she gives birth to a baby boy, and dies. He is murdered when apes attack. The apes take the baby, and raise him as one of their own. The little boy is, of course, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ most famous creation, Tarzan. The movie is 1984’s “Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes” (And you thought titles these days were long.) The film is a decidedly grim psychological study of the purity of wildness versus the constraints of and patriarchal attitudes of British “civilized” society. Which I think is what Robert (“Chinatown”) Towne was going for. Before he was removed from the project as director, due to the poor box office returns of his 1982 Olympic lesbian runner drama “Personal Best”. Hence, the script is credited to “P.H. Vazak”, which was the name of Robert Towne’s dog. The script ended up being nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, making Vazak the first canine nominee. Anyway, why do I hate this movie? Well, after the lengthy-yet-fascinating passages where we see the young Greystoke (who is never once referred to as Tarzan throughout) rise to become King of the Apes through innate intellect coupled with a capacity for violence, he is discovered by a French military captain/zoologist (the always-reliable Ian Holm) and is brought to his relatives back in England. His grandfather (a delightful Ralph Richardson, in his final performance) welcomes the grown Greystoke (Lambert) with open arms. From then on, it’s just watching Greystoke become disgusted by the world of men, and we go from a film that is every bit as wild and feral as its protagonist, to one that moves forward on plodding, thematic autopilot. This tactic can work if your film is about grim inevitability and your name is Robert Bolt (“The Bridge On The River Kwai”, “The Mission”). But while Robert Towne is a master of the craft (“The Last Detail” is one of my favorites), he is no Robert Bolt. Thus, despite the efforts of Richardson, the convincing ape costumes of Rick Baker (who was nominated for Best Makeup) and the breathtaking “wild child” performance of Christopher Lambert, the film left me seething. Well, that, and the singularly-bizarre spectacle of Andie MacDowell’s lines being dubbed over by Glenn Close (MacDowell, who plays Tarzan’s Jane, was deemed unsuitable, voice-wise, due to her Southern accent). In the end, there was little compensation to be had for my loss of sleep. Next! Channing Tatum is attached to a project called "Peter Pan Begins". There really is no need for a punchline. Maybe I should just quote Jeffrey Jones in “Amadeus”: “There it is.” Moving on… In case you need further proof that Colin Firth is one of the classiest men in show biz, look no further than his take on Harvey Weinstein’s pathetic plan to rape the Best Picture winner and turn into a PG-13 turd to sell it to children who would rather see a sequel to “Megamind”. Congratulations, Colin, I still think you were robbed for “A Single Man”. In the words of Ali G, “Respect”. Next! I remember when my late friend Greg showed me the Francis Ford Coppola’s “Rumblefish” for the first time. It was Coppola’s 1983 B&W German Expressionist B-side to the Technicolor panorama A- side that was “The Outsiders”. Two S.E. Hinton adaptations, two different styles. But it was “Rumblefish” that captivated me. It tells the tale of Rusty James (Matt Dillon), a high school hood, who lives in the shadow of his missing brother The Motocycle Boy (Mickey Rourke). One day his brother returns, a changed man who offers ponderous philosophical monologues on the nature of violence, which throws Rusty for a loop. But it was not the plot that got my pulse going. It was young Diane Lane who played Rusty’s girlfriend. Breathtakingly-beautiful, effortlessly sexy, she embodied a certain kind of adolescent fantasy. Indeed, her most memorable appearance occurs when Rusty sits in class, bored, imagines her nude atop a filing cabinet. Years go by, Diane Lane appears in “Unfaithful” as a smoking; hot mama. And now, she’s Superman’s mama. God, if ever there were a reason for an Oedipal complex…. Until next week, this ON THE SLATE reminding you that if Sean Connery knows your sister, he’s probably slept with your sister... and your mom. Love, Mike
  3. THE NOOMI RAPACE BOOSTER EDITION Welcome, readers. I’m Mike De Luca and this is ON THE SLATE. This is where we talk about what’s hot, what’s not, what’s overrated, what’s underrated, what’s awful, what’s awesome…well, you know, we met at that “Dress Like A Gigolo” party. Small bills were exchanged, and then we went into a study that smelled of oak and rotten book…Wait, that wasn’t you? That wasn’t you with the lime green jacket and the painted-on mustache? Shit. I really need to change my life. Anyway, welcome! One week we could be discussing Warren Beatty’s life of celibacy, or offering up unfiltered commentary on my days as a dominatrix. But, before we begin, there are three things you need to know – #1 – This is ON THE SLATE with Mike De Luca. #2 – I did not produce “One Night Stand” #3 – I have never been convicted. Let’s begin…. I’d like to open with two visuals. We’ll call them Exhibit A and Exhibit B. Exhibit A. Noomi Rapace: Exhibit B. Rooney Mara, from the pages of W Magazine: It’s night and day. Sexy and fearsome and womanly versus girlish and waif-like and not at all intimidating. Yet Rooney Mara is following in Noomi Rapace’s footsteps as Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. Now, at the risk of sounding like the many men in the world who contribute to female body issues, or my late Italian grandmother, Mara needs to finish her plate. Does it really surprise anyone that Hollywood’s idea of Lisbeth Salander, the goth hacker wunderkind is thinner, less scary, more lost than pissed off? For those not in the loop, let me give you a little background: The Millennium books were published in 2005, 2006, and 2007. In them, brilliant twenty-something loner and ward of the state Lisbeth Salander teams with middle-aged investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist to expose the old and often evil wealthy men in high places who abuse their power and the women of Sweden. Stieg Larrson, sadly, died in 2004 and did not live to see his books become an international phenomenon. But his legacy also lives on through the Swedish film adaptations, which starred the borderline feral Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth and the schlubby but determined Michael Nyqvist as Blomkvist. The unspoken emotional attachment between the two is touching, as the odd smile crosses Noomi’s hardbitten face, or Nyqvist‘s weary eyes widen with concern. The Hollywood Nyqvist is to be Daniel Craig, who, as we all know, is anything but schlubby. Though I am sure Stieg Larsson would be flattered to see James Bond as his doppelganger. The Swedish adaptations of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, “The Girl Who Played With Fire”, and “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest” were all originally released in 2009, and in 2010 in the USA. Hence, no Oscar nomination for Noomi. Extended versions of the films were shown on Swedish television as a six-part miniseries called “Millennium”, with each episode clocking in at 90 minutes. Now, if you told me back in 1999, when I was watching “Fight Club” six times straight in the theater, that David Fincher would one day team up with Trent Reznor, the writer of “Schindler’s List” and Daniel Craig, I’d be like “Who the hell is Daniel Craig?” Now, it’s 2011, and I know who Daniel Craig is, and it still bugs me that Fincher is following up the success of “The Social Network”, with an unnecessary remake. I mean, can you imagine an original Fincher-Reznor-Rudin-Craig Joint? But no, we have Craig committed to a three-picture deal, with releases in 2011, 2012, and 2013. This will seriously screw with the Bond cycle. As opposed to the originals, which were filmed back-to-back-to-back. But, in the end, I guess if you can’t beat’em, beat’em from the inside. Which is why Nyqvist is a villain in “MI4: Long Ass Title” and Noomi is in “Sherlock Holmes: Long Ass Title”. (Ten-plus columns in, and I’m back to making fun of titles. C’est la vie.) Noomi is also the female lead in Ridley Scott’s super-secret “Prometheus” project, which is so secret that not even Ridley knows what it is. Or does he? Next! In more WTF Remake News, we have the case of Warner Bros. and the inevitable remake of “The Bodyguard”. Now, the first impulse I imagine would be to cast someone inherently Whitney-like in the lead. Beyonce, probably. But I say go nuts. Go off the beaten path. My nomination for the new chanteuse in this remake would be Gaga. Yes, Lady Gaga. A woman whose fingers make fire come out of pianos and whose voice could melt the heart of Montgomery Burns. Yes, ON THE SLATE has Gaga’s back. Or make the singer male, have him played by a male singer who doesn’t suck, like Cee Lo Green, and have the Secret Service Agent be played by Hilary Swank. Just imagine the scene. Hilary rushes the stage to push Cee Lo out of the way, while he triumphantly sings “Crazy”, as tears stream down his chubby cheeks. Oscar gold! Moving on… There’s a new Radiohead album out, and, if you don’t buy it, I will want to punch you like I do Ryan Murphy. Next! This just in…Ron Howard is producing a remake of “Eat My Dust”, a car movie he starred in 1976. Because people care. Moving on… In the “This Has Cinema All Over It” News, I give you , a National Theatre staging of Mary Shelley’s classic tale, adapted by BAFTA-winning writer Nick Dear (Jane Austen’s “Persuasion”). It will be filmed by the director and will be broadcast via satellite live in hi-def to 370 cinemas globally on March 17th. It will be on 85 screens in the US. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC’s “Sherlock”) and Jonny Lee Miller (Sick Boy from “Trainspotting”). The actors will alternate in the roles of Frankstein and the Creature. And Underworld is doing the score! And if this does not beg for a screen adaptation, I don’t know what does. Though I will say, this, after “Trainspotting”, my favorite Jonny Lee Miller picture is Jake Scott’s “Plunkett and Macleane”. pairs scenes from the film (which features Miller and Robert Carlyle as two 18th century highwaymen) with “Stand And Deliver” by Adam and the Ants, a perfect marriage, in my opinion. Until next week, this is ON THE SLATE reminding you that public nudity is strongly encouraged. Love, Mike
  4. THE FREE JOHN MCTIERNAN EDITION Welcome, readers. I’m Mike De Luca and this is ON THE SLATE. This is where we talk about what’s hot, what’s not, what’s overrated, what’s underrated, what’s awful, what’s awesome…well, you know, we met in that leather goods shop. You showed me that riding crop, I modeled for you that new leather thong. We went into the changing room, and then we…Wait, that wasn’t you? Shit. I’ve got to stop soliciting patrons. Well…anyway, welcome! One week we might be talking about my days as a female illusionist, or offering up unfiltered commentary on IBM’s Watson’s inevitable career as a screenwriter. But, before we begin, there are three things you need to know – #1 – This is ON THE SLATE with Mike De Luca. #2 – I did not produce “Body Shots”. – #3 – I like taking long walks on the beach. Let’s get going…. I want to free John McTiernan. He could be the next Leonard Peltier. Or “The Hurricane”! Yes, the man is out on bail at the moment, waiting to appeal his conviction for his role in the Pelliciano wiretapping scandal. (So, no Russell Crowe “The Next Three Days”-style hijinks.) Yes, it’s true that a judge sentenced him to a year in prison for lying to the FBI about discussing wiretapping producer Charles Roven in 2000. And, yes, Roven produced McTiernan’s 2002 remake of “Rollerball”, which is quite a shitty film. (Two words: Chris Klein) But the point is, we need John McTiernan. We need him. He gave us “Predator” and “The Hunt For Red October”. But, more importantly, he directed “Die Hard” and “Die Hard With A Vengeance”. You know, the good ones in the franchise. Renny Harlin gave his all, but was felled by a lame retread of a script adapted from a middling novel (Walter Wager’s 58 Minutes). Len Wiseman tried his blue-tinted best, but was undone by a PG-13 rating. That, and the fact that computer hackers are not the ideal opponents for a terrorist-killing machine like John McClane. Why did McTiernan have the edge? It was his old school instincts, his unswerving technical proficiency, combined with a run-and-gun style reminiscent of a young William Friedkin. That, and he had Jan “Speed” De Bont as his director of photography for his initial outing. (No, not that kind of outing. Smartass.) Together, they created the brutal kinetic universe for McClane to dirty his undershirt in. Now, my suggestion is that we petition the courts to release McTiernan, on the condition that he give us another “Die Hard” installment. Of course, the courts would then also have to compel Fox to return “Die Hard” to its R-rated roots. Or all will be lost. After all, a generation that requires a PG-13 John McClane does not deserve him at all. But why the urgency, you ask? Why the crisis? Because, if we do not act now, “Die Hard” will fall into the hands of the director of . Yes, the future of badassocity is in the hands of Noam Murro, a man whose prior feature, 2008’s “Smart People”, was a loose combination of “Sideways” and “Wonder Boys”. It couldn’t have been John Woo, “Smokin” Joe Carnahan, Sly Stallone, Neveldine/Taylor, Neill Blomkamp, Neil Marshall, or even Edgar frigging Wright? In all fairness, Murro did direct several well-regarded commercials for Bungie and Microsoft Games’ “Halo” series such as this one entitled “ ” and this one called “Deliver Hope”. They would indeed make a great reel for someone lobbying to direct an Arthur C. Clarke adaptation, perhaps, but they exist in a CGI-stuffed digital landscape that is the very antithesis of the very-analog “Die Hard” universe. “Die Hard” is about sweat, blood, wisecracks, all that is tactile, and the very essence of what singer Jarvis Cocker once termed “what it takes to be a man”. It’s not about disaffected academics and boldly going where no one has gone before. It’s about smoking cigarettes and looking like you’ve had the mother of all hangovers while crawling through an air duct. And somewhere along the way this whole way of thinking got lost. Or, in Danny Boyle career terms, if “Die Hard” is the bat-crazy energy of “Trainspotting”, then “Live Free Or Die” is the broad sentimentality of “Slumdog Millionaire”. And there’s only one man who can bring “Die Hard” back to its roots. Which is why I appeal to you, my fellow action junkies who have watched dynasties of bullets rise and fall, let us work together with the zeal of John McClane and free John McTiernan. And make him promise to never remake anything ever again. And if we fail, well, we can at least comfort ourselves with the knowledge that the director of the next “Die Hard” is not, in fact, Kevin Smith. Next! Last week, I wrote about my desire to punch Ryan Murphy in the face, and the response was deafening. No, it wasn’t, but I continue to fight the good fight. The man is a menace to music, television, and film, and must be stopped. Example: this week Billboard reported that “Glee” has set the record for most charted songs by an act, in all of Billboard’s 52 years. That’s 113 charting songs since 2009, which has now bested Elvis’ record prior record of 108. That’s 113 bland Autotuned and turgid versions of beloved songs. Are you proud of yourself, America? I hope not. But hey, that eliminates the need for segue into his planned remakes of “Annie” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. And, speaking of “Horror”, Murphy has also unveiled his plan to ruin horror on television with his new series, the imaginatively-titled “American Horror Story”, to which co-producer and “Glee” co-creator Brad Falchuk promises to bring “our subversive sensibilities”. Heaven help us. But, I’ll tell you all this much. My war is not over. In genuinely good news, it has been announced by Paramount that Shane Black has signed on to write and direct “Iron Man 3”, which will ensure that the film has a pair of testicles. Don’t think so? “Lethal Weapon”, “The Last Boy Scout”, “The Long Kiss Goodnight”, and “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” say otherwise. The new template of “Sherlock Holmes” would not exist without this guy. And Robert Downey, Jr. has Black’s back. Hooray for our side. Until next week, this is ON THE SLATE reminding you that if a dog humps your leg, he’s just being friendly. All the best, Mike
  5. I WANT TO PUNCH RYAN MURPHY Welcome, readers. I’m Mike De Luca and this is ON THE SLATE. This is where we talk about what’s hot, what’s not, what’s overrated, what’s underrated, what’s awful, what’s awesome…well, you know, we met at that “Dress Like A Sailor” party. I had the painted-on muscles, you were wearing your cap sideways like Debra Winger at the end of “An Officer and A Gentleman”. We went to that broom closet and then we….Wait, that wasn’t you? Shit. I really have to stop meeting strangers in public restrooms. Anyway, welcome! One week we might talk about why Ashton Kutcher is the acting equivalent of Wonder Bread, or offer up unfiltered commentary about my days as a Saigon streetwalker. But, before we begin, there are three things you need to know – #1 – This is ON THE SLATE with Mike De Luca. #2 – I did not produce “Detroit Rock City”. #3 – I am not Julian Assange. Let’s begin… I want to punch Ryan Murphy in the face. I mean, in theory. Our lawyers here at ON THE SLATE have advised me not to actually espouse such a desire, no matter how just such an impulse may be. The truth is, I used to be a fan. Confession time, my dear readers, I used to watch “Nip/Tuck”. All the time. And enjoyed it! It was a sordid soap opera that involved plastic century, a ton of nudity, psychopathic killers, every grotesque permutation of plastic surgery imaginable and alligators eating dead bodies placed in the Everglades! And that was only in the first two seasons! Unfortunately, there were eight. The show struggled, as it attempted to top itself. End result: the once-promising show featuring two Miami plastic surgeons (one repressed, one horny) who stare into the eyes of a society obsessed with perfection (and have sex with it), had degenerated into a laughable geek show that featured a character robbing people while dressed as a mime. Why? Ryan Murphy had abandoned the show to create a program in which every song we ever heard, loved, knew the words to, would be taken away from us and turned into Autotuned, AOR, bland, and inoffensive crap. Yes, Ryan Murphy created “Glee”. And he has not stopped with that singular act of villainy. Oh no, he is digging up corpses from the cinematic Indian burial ground. He is Howard Beale, and he is meddling with the forces of nature! First, the bastard was in talks with Fox 2000 to helm a remake of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” because, you know, he has a show with singing on it. And now he’s really gone down the rabbit hole of quality, as he is in talks to direct the Will Smith-produced remake of “Annie”. For Will Smith’s kid to star in. So, to recap, Ryan Murphy has gone from creating one of the most original shows on television (“Nip/Tuck”) to a likely fate of being Will Smith’s hired help for yet another nepotistic dream project. Which is why he deserves a punch in the face. And for comments like this one, made to the Hollywood Reporter in response to Kings of Leon refusing to let “Glee” use their songs: “F— you, Kings of Leon. They’re self-centered assholes, and they missed the big picture. They missed that a 7-year-old kid can see someone close to their age singing a Kings of Leon song, which will maybe make them want to join a glee club or pick up a musical instrument. It’s like, OK, hate on arts education. You can make fun of Glee all you want, but at its heart, what we really do is turn kids on to music.” Which is a lot like George Lucas introducing kids to “Star Wars” through the prequels. Ryan Murphy, don’t touch my stereo. Next! Christian Bale will no doubt win a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance in “The Fighter”, which is, in IMHO, the best performance of the year. He will follow it up by once again playing a man who dresses like a bat. He will also reteam with “ ” writer Scott Kosar and director Brad Anderson to return to territory familiar to Bale: the work of J.G. Ballard. It was in Steven Spielberg’s 1987 adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s 1984 novel “Empire of the Sun” that a 13 year old Christian Bale broke out as Jim Graham, a boy separated from his parents in the same type of Shanghai internment camp Ballard’s family was placed in by the Japanese during WW2. Jim becomes fascinated by the Japanese invaders and has a Spielbergian obsession with aviation. Check out this simple but poignant scene of . You can see why Bale went on to win a “Best Performance By A Juvenile Actor” award from the National Board of Review. Now, 24 years later, Christian Bale returns to J.G. Ballard territory, of more the “Crash” variety, that is, to say, more representative of the darker forces residing in the human condition. Bale will appear with Liev Schreiber and Samuel L. Jackson in “Concrete Island”. Adapted from Ballard’s 1974 novel, it tells the story of Robert Maitland, a wealthy architect, who crashes his Jaguar and gets trapped in a fenced-off section of wasteland between the Westway and M4 Motorway in West London. There, like a modern-day Robinson Crusoe, he fights for his sanity and his survival. Certainly, the creators of “The Machinist” could do wonders with such bleak psychological terrain. Between “Concrete Island” and “Splice” director Vincenzo Natali’s in-development take on 1975’s “High Rise”, which is about an indoor skyscraper community’s Lord of the Flies descent into violence, we may have a Ballard banner year on our hands. In the meantime, here is a live performance of Gary Numan’s “ ”, which was inspired by Ballard’s writing. Moving on… There is no reason to end this edition on an apocalyptic note, though. With “Die Hard 5″ on the horizon, I will now present to you possibly one of the coolest things I have ever seen, and I have seen your mom naked. . Until next week, remember, if a nude man asks to check your meter, offer coffee ‘cause it might be me. Love, Mike
  6. THE JOHN BARRY FAREWELL EDITION Welcome, readers. I’m Mike De Luca and this is ON THE SLATE. This is where we talk about what’s hot, what’s not, what’s overrated, what’s underrated, what’s awful, what’s awesome…well, you know, we met at that biker bar. You were wearing assless chaps and we went into the back room and then we…that wasn’t you? Shit. I really have to stop spending time on Craig’s List. Anyway, welcome! One week we might talk about my days as Mubarak’s poolboy, or offer up unfiltered commentary on William Shatner’s forthcoming metal album. But, before we begin, there are three things you need to know – #1 – This is ON THE SLATE with Mike De Luca. #2 – I did not produce “S1m0ne”. #3 – I like big butts, and I cannot lie. Let’s begin… So, by now you have probably heard director Zac Snyder has found his “Superman: Man of Steel”. And like our new Spiderman, Andrew Garfield AKA Eduardo from “The Social Network”, he’s British. His name? Henry Cavill. He has appeared on Showtime’s Henry VIII sex festival “The Tudors”, as Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, which is kind of like being Tito in the Jackson Five. Though, , he’s quite the mack daddy. Disclaimer: I have never watched a whole episode of this program, though I hear good things, particularly crude things from male friends concerning its female cast members. Will Cavill be a great “Superman”? Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing is certain: he’ll be better than Nicolas Cage. Aww. Poor Nic. First bees, now this. Next! If you’re a fan of director Edgar Wright (“Shaun of the Dead”, “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”, “Hot Fuzz”), then you may have seen Wright-directed British television series “Spaced”. Scripted by Jessica Hynes and Simon Pegg and also starring Simon Pegg’s hetero lifemate Nick Frost, it aired in 1999 and 2001 and told the story of two London twentysomething slackster artists Tim and Daisy, who pose as a professional couple to obtain a desirable flat. It’s a wry, often sweet program, full of knowing nods to pop culture ephemera (look, I used a big word) which predate the schtick NBC’s sitcom “Community” is known for. Anyway, in one episode of “Spaced”, would-be soldier Mike (Nick Frost) describes the concept of “male telepathy”, the idea that all males are linked together. He and Tim display this by that is not doubt familiar to most men out there, and to the understanding loves ones who must put up with them. What’s the point, though? (I assure you, I’m getting to one.) The two gun-style of shooting we see Tim tactfully employ in this clip is reminiscent of gunplay featured in the film of two men who changed the way film fanatics looked at action in the ‘90s: Hong Kong director John Woo and actor Chow Yun Fat. With his balletic violence, geysers of non-stop pumping slo-motion blood, and doves fly through every extended sequence of hitman and cops laying righteous hell unto one another, John Woo invented a new language in action cinema, and put Hollywood to shame. But he needed a Robert De Niro to his Scorsese to suit this new style, a face for this unholy operation of bloodlust. And, so, with toothpick in mouth, long black trench coat, dark sunglasses, a .45 in each hand, Chow Yun Fat, a God among men, became that face. Check out this scene, from 1992’s “ ”, the last film John Woo made before departing for Jean Claude Van Damme and mediocrity in Hollywood. “ ” anyone? (Sole exception: “Face Off”, though I’m quite partial to “MI2”.) Anyway, in the shootout, we see Fat, in all his glory, as Tequila, a cop who, yes, plays by his own rules. It’s just that his own rules include killing everything he sees. With style. But while “Hard Boiled”, with its from its climactic hospital shootout, was celebrated the final blaze of glory for Woo and Fat, the film that made them, nay, the film that redefined cinematic action excess as we know it, was 1989’s “The Killer”. Watch this trailer. (I’ll go look at my, um, stamp collection.) Okay, have you watched it? Good, because you’ve been sanctified by awesome. Bullets, religious iconography, and the obligatory unintentional homoeroticism abound in the “The Killer”, Woo’s ultraviolent riff on Douglas Sirk’s 1954 weepie “ ”. But, as opposed to Rock Hudson guilt-stricken playboy becoming a doctor to restore the sight of a blinded Jane Wyman, Woo gives us Chow Yun Fat as hitman Ah Jong, who accidentally blinds singer Jennie (Sally Yeh) in (you guessed it) a shootout. He cares for her, and she falls in love with him, not knowing he is the man responsible for her condition. Ah Jong accepts one last job to pay for a corneal transplant for Jennie, but is betrayed by his employers, and is pursued by an army of Triads, and a (sympathetic) cop named Li (Danny Lee). . Cop and hitman are forced to get all “Butch and Sundance” (but, mostly, butch) and bring on the ruckus. John Woo’s “The Killer” would not only influence the work of both Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, but also entire generation of badasses, with the sole exception of Michael Bay. And now, my friends, the sucky inevitable: the obligatory remake. (Come on, you know we were leading up to this.) In 1992, “The Warriors” and “Extreme Prejudice” director Walter Hill and writing partner David Giler wrote a remake, but struggled to find a way for American audiences to not interpret the cop and criminals’ bond being a homoerotic one. Other attempts to remake the film faltered. In 1993,“Top Gun” screenwriters Jim Cash and jack Epps, Jr. wrote a new version for Tristar, with Richard Gere and Denzel in mind. That one also fizzled out. And now, John Woo is producing a remake for Korean-American director John H. Lee that will be in 3D. Because we need it, apparently. How bad are things? “Fletch” is getting remade. “Fletch”! At long last, have we no decency? Do you even want to answer that question? And, man, John Barry died, and that really sucks. In tribute to John Barry, I leave you with My Bloody Valentine’s lovely cover of “ ” from “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. Take care, Mr. Barry. Wherever you may be. Until next time, this is ON THE SLATE reminding you, that if someone asks you if you’re a God, you say, “Yes!” Or duck, Mike
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E-mail [email protected] Los Angeles Talent Agency Theatrical & Commercial, Literary, Voice Over and Commercial Divisions seek College Interns for School Credit. Ideal for Communications/Marketing/PR/Film & Television majors. Will work closely with Agency reps, Must have good organizational, marketing, verbal, writing skills. PC proficiency preferred. Must commit to minimum 2-3 days per week. Resume must be text only and inside text of the email, not attachment! Please title your email Talent Agency Intern (your name)(your city)(your phones) and send to [email protected] Mess Media, a reality TV production company, is offering an unpaid internship. The intern will gain experience in production and post, learn the phones, assist with accounting and act as a 2nd assistant to the president. Qualifications needed for this internship are a basic understanding of computers, phones and an interest in reality television. Must have a car (mileage will be paid). 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  15. Look Los Angeles, a boutique fashion firm specializing in product placement, publicity, entertainment marketing and celebrity seeding seeks to fill positions in their credit based internship program. Qualified candidates should have excellent communication/people skills, be comfortable speaking on the phone, motivated, highly organized and detail orientated and has a genuine interest in public relations. Email resume and cover letter to [email protected] Francine Maisler Casting (“Milk”, “Spiderman”) is looking for an intern to start immediately. Learn the ins and outs of the industry working in this busy office. Applicants must be computer savvy, phone literate, and easy going. A strong interest in casting preferred. Please email resumes to [email protected] Smuggler is a commercial production company looking for interns for our vault. Responsibilities include visual research, maintaining our video library and director's reels, and lots of runs. Requires skills with Final Cut and Photoshop. Must commit 2-3 days/week for 3-4 months. Internship unpaid. College credit available but not required. Lunch and mileage reimbursements provided. Must have car, laptop, and a sense of humor. Email resume and cover letter to [email protected] TalentWorks is seeking part-time interns to help in the commercial department. This is an unpaid internship; however we are offering school credit. You will be asked to help with submissions, file, data entry, as well as answer phones. The ideal person for this job is detail-orientated, motivated, computer savvy, and has a great personality. Please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected] Boutique Management Company, representing actors, is looking for friendly, intelligent interns. Duties would include phones, helping with submissions, scheduling, and light office duties. 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This is an unpaid internship, however, school credit is available. This is an excellent opportunity with room for promotion for the right candidate -last intern was promoted. Please send resumes and cover letters to: [email protected] Fuse Entertainment currently seeks reliable, enthusiastic and dedicated intern. Interns will get to be hands on and are encouraged to ask questions and contribute creatively. Responsibilities include: clerical support, phones, script coverage and research. Candidates should have strong interest in television development and must be receiving school credit. Previous knowledge of script coverage is appreciated but not required. Unpaid. Please send resumes and cover letters to [email protected] Talent Management Company with A-list clients seeks motivated intern. 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If you’re able to work 2 full days, please email resumes to [email protected] Vertigo Entertainment (Quarantine, The Strangers, The Departed) is looking for enthusiastic interns ASAP. We are a very busy production company with numerous projects in various stages of development and production. This is an extremely creative environment where interns can be as involved in the development process as they want to be. Very important to be a self-starter. Please email (include ''Internship'' in the subject line) resume and brief cover letter to [email protected] Busy film production company seeks interns with strong written and communication skills to read materials and complete coverage, and perform general office duties. Work within research and development and post-production areas may also be available. Internships are unpaid, but there are opportunities to gain valuable experience and participate in a number of projects. Applicants will be contacted by phone or email. Please send resume and cover letter to [email protected] TV/Film Production Company and Comic Publisher in Santa Monica seeks unpaid Spring intern. Company focuses on comic book based film and television in both live action and animation. Internship involves reading & writing coverage, occasional phones and other basic administrative duties as well as hands on experience in film and television development, animation and comic book publishing. Some prior experience in entertainment preferred. School credit accepted but not required. Please send resumes and cover letters to [email protected]
  16. FILM/TV PRODUCTION CO. SEEKING ASSISTANT FOR PRESIDENT http://www.tracking-board.com/filmtv-production-co-seeking-assistant-for-president/ PRODUCTION CO. SEEKING NEW DEVELOPMENT EXEC http://www.tracking-board.com/production-co-seeking-new-development-exec/ UNTITLED ENTERTAINMENT SEEKING ASSISTANT TO SENIOR MANAGER GREG CLARK http://www.tracking-board.com/untitled-entertainment-seeking-assistant-to-senior-manager-greg-clark/ UNTITLED ENTERTAINMENT SEEKING ANOTHER ASSISTANT AS WELL… http://www.tracking-board.com/untitled-entertainment-seeking-another-assistant-as-well/ TWO ASSISTANTS NEEDED ASAP FOR MARY PARENT’S PARAMOUNT BASED PROD CO. http://www.tracking-board.com/two-assistants-needed-asap-for-mary-parents-paramount-based-prod-co/ TALENT AGENCY SEEKING ASSISTANT IMMEDIATELY http://www.tracking-board.com/talent-agency-seeking-assistant-immediately/ TALENT COORDINATOR SEEKING ASSISTANT W/ DRIVE http://www.tracking-board.com/talent-coordinator-seeking-assistant-w-drive/ MANAGEMENT FIRM SEEKING LA BASED ASSISTANT http://www.tracking-board.com/management-firm-seeking-la-based-assistant/ TALENT AGENCY SEEKING EXEC ASST http://www.tracking-board.com/talent-agency-seeking-exec-asst/ PRODUCTION/MANAGEMENT CO. SEEKING NEW ASSISTANT TO BEGIN ASAP! http://www.tracking-board.com/productionmanagement-co-seeking-new-assistant-to-begin-asap/ PILGRIM FILMS & TV SEEKING A+ EXEC ASSISTANT FOR TWO EXECS. http://www.tracking-board.com/pilgrim-films-tv-seeking-a-exec-assistant-for-two-execs/ AGENCY SEEKING EXECUTIVE ASST FOR TWO SVPS IN FILM/TV http://www.tracking-board.com/agency-seeking-executive-asst-for-two-svps-in-filmtv/ 3311 PRODUCTIONS SEEKS EXEC ASST FOR ALT. DEVELOPMENT http://www.tracking-board.com/3311-productions-seeks-exec-asst-for-alt-development/ UNIVERSAL PICTURES SEEKING PRODUCTION ATTORNEY http://www.tracking-board.com/universal-pictures-seeking-production-attorney/ GEEK CHIC DAILY (ALL THINGS POP CULTURE) SEEKING JUNIOR COORDINATOR ASAP! http://www.tracking-board.com/geek-chic-daily-all-things-pop-culture-seeking-junior-coordinator-asap/ SLATE PR SEEKING EXEC ASSISTANT http://www.tracking-board.com/slate-pr-seeking-exec-assistant/ ENTERTAINMENT ORIENTED PR FIRM SEEKING NEW ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE http://www.tracking-board.com/entertainment-oriented-pr-firm-seeking-new-account-executive/
  17. Charlie Sheen continues to detail to the world why he's an idiot: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/24/charlie-sheen-radio-interview_n_827979.html

    1. mikeyP_73



    2. typistolero


      Haha. Sheen's out of a paycheck. Lorre? He just spends a little more time with his other two shows.

    3. brian


      Can you imagine if Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan got married? There would be a new TMZ article every hour!

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  18. VERY HIGH PROFILE TV EXEC SEEKING PT ASSISTANT – ASAP! http://www.tracking-board.com/very-high-profile-tv-exec-seeking-pt-assistant-asap/ DISCOVERY STUDIOS STILL SEEKING TWO A+ ASSISTANTS FOR HEAD OF DEVELOPMENT & EPS http://www.tracking-board.com/discovery-studios-still-seeking-two-a-assistants-for-head-of-development-eps/ AGENCY SEEKING A NEW ASSISTANT FOR LIT AGENT! http://www.tracking-board.com/agency-seeking-a-new-assistant-for-lit-agent/ PRODUCTION / DISTRIBUTION CO. SEEKING DISTRIBUTION EXEC! http://www.tracking-board.com/production-distribution-co-seeking-distribution-exec/
  19. IM Global, the major international sales and distribution company behind such films as Paranormal Activity, A Single Man, Skyline, and the forthcoming 3D action thriller Dredd, is seeking candidates for an unpaid internship starting immediately. Duties vary day to day but include answering phones, general office support, reading scripts, and a range of other tasks. This is a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience in distribution, foreign sales, and finance from one of the most successful companies in the field. If interested, please send resume and cover letter to: [email protected] Full Picture is currently looking for enthusiastic and hard-working public relations and production interns. This unpaid internship offers a chance for students to earn school credit. The intern’s role is to be a professional, proactive member of our PR or production teams who is organized; detail oriented and has effective and consistent follow through. Our interns will learn and assist in brainstorm meetings, pitching clients, writing treatments and administrative responsibilities. Please send cover letter and resume to Jennifer Castaneda [email protected] Corner of the Sky Entertainment (Good Luck Chuck, Evan Almighty) Film and Television company seeking office interns. Looking for creative, self-starters for 2-3 days a week. Responsibilities include reading/covering scripts, phones, general office duties/runs. Patience is a must. Great experience, recs, great way to learn the spec script market. Flexible days/hours. Position is unpaid. Please email [email protected] International film distribution/financing/acquisition/production company based in Century City is looking for interns who can work 20 hours per week. Seeking smart, dynamic and responsible young adults who are keen to learn about international film distribution, acquisition and financing. Unpaid internship. Parking provided. No phone calls please. We are looking for interns that can work Monday through Friday from 2pm to 6pm or four days a week from 1pm to 6pm. Send resume via e-mail [email protected] or fax 310-788-2823 Viva Media seeks enthusiastic and very motivated interns. Must know how to use Panasonic HVX 200 HD camera and be highly organized and computer savvy, with knowledge of Final Cut. You will get production and postproduction experience and may lead to full time assistant duties. Regular intern/assistant duties apply with great opportunity for more responsibility and creative involvement. Unpaid, but school credit available. We are a multimedia company and our interns get a real hands-on experience and an extraordinary education. Interviewing immediately. Bi-lingual a plus. Please send cover letters and resumes to [email protected] aid+abet, a film/television development and production company with a first-look deal at HBO Films and Entertainment seeks part-time interns to work in their Los Feliz office for the Winter term. Duties include script coverage, research, phones and administrative assistance. A wonderful opportunity for candidates looking to begin a career in film/tv development and production. 2 days per week. Must have personal laptop, Mac preferred. Email cover letter and CV to [email protected] 34th St Films is looking for highly motivated interns to start immediately. Interns will be exposed to daily operations, learning film development first-hand at a growing production company with an established brand. Duties include script coverage, actor/writer/director lists, administrative (copies, correspondence, phones), scheduling. 2-3 day/week commitment highly preferred. Discretion is absolutely mandatory. Knowledge of film with strong writing and communication skills are top priorities. This is an unpaid internship. Resumes should be sent to [email protected] Film & Television production company seeks motivated, dependable, detail oriented and hard-working interns. Main responsibilities include reading, script coverage, research, answering phones, and general administrative duties. Interns are invited to attend weekly staff meeting and are given a chance to provide feedback. The internship is non-paid and starts immediately. Minimum commitment of 2-3 days/week. Send resume and cover letters to: [email protected]
  20. By request - just upped the new "Inherit The Earth: Zombies vs. Robots" file, which also includes the pitch docs and images. Worth a look, to see what a major studio & co. just picked up, and why.

    1. AliM


      To be honest, I read the script wanting to hate the project, because, c'mon 'Zombies Vs Robots'?!!? Seriously?! But then, all of a sudden I found myself clicking through page after page, because, goddamit, the script is action-packed, tight, and just exciting as hell! Nothing truly mind-blowingly original, but for what it is, it's fantastic! And some kickass action setpieces in there too.

    2. palostick


      Pleasantly surprised by that first act -- a lot of work has gone in there to set up the world and make it all pop. Can see it working as a solid crowd pleaser

  21. PRODUCER AND PRODUCTION HEAD SEEKING A+ ASSISTANT ASAP! http://www.tracking-board.com/producer-and-production-head-seeking-a-assistant-asap/ A-LIST MANAGEMENT/PRODUCTION CO. SEEKING 1ST ASST. TO CEO http://www.tracking-board.com/a-list-managementproduction-co-seeking-1st-asst-to-ceo/ TOP COMMERCIAL COMPANY SEEKING STAFF COORDINATOR http://www.tracking-board.com/top-commercial-company-seeking-staff-coordinator/ ANT FARM SEEKING PROJECT MANAGERS (ENTRY LEVEL) http://www.tracking-board.com/ant-farm-seeking-project-managers-entry-level/ VIDEO GAME COMPANY SEEKING COORDINATOR http://www.tracking-board.com/video-game-company-seeking-coordinator/ A-LIST WRITER/DIRECTOR/PRODUCER SEEKING FT PERSONAL ASSISTANT ASAP! http://www.tracking-board.com/a-list-writerdirectorproducer-seeking-ft-personal-assistant-asap/
  22. Film Sales and Financing company seeks intern to provide administrative and creative support to the President as well as the Director of Sales & Finance. Responsibilities include heavy phones, scheduling, project trafficking, project evaluation and daily administrative upkeep. Intern will have day to day access and interaction with company founders. Preferred Content works with content creators and financiers to license their product to theatrical and DVD distributors, television broadcasters and digital content aggregators. This position is not paid. Applicants should email [email protected] with a cover letter and resume Worldwide television production and distribution company Zodiak USA is seeking a qualified intern to assist in the development department. Great exposure to the inner-workings of television development (focus on non-scripted / reality programming). Duties include helping to organize and prepare materials, research, assisting with phones, and special projects. Great training and lots of hands-on opportunities. Candidate must be eligible for college credit. 2 or 3 day/week commitment preferred. Office based in Santa Monica. Please send resume to [email protected] Kopelson Entertainment is seeking to fill multiple internship positions in a friendly, open environment. Ideal candidates will be motivated, responsible, and eager to learn. Duties would include phones, administrative tasks, reading scripts and writing coverage. We provide an environment where interns can learn the ins-and-outs of the film industry. The internship is unpaid, but lunch is covered. Send your resume to [email protected] Underground Films, a well-established production/management company, is looking for part-time interns to start right away. The position is unpaid. You will gain valuable experience and knowledge in the areas of management and production, as well as working in a creative environment. Intern will have the opportunity to attend development meetings, client meetings, generals and listen in on calls. Intern must be able to multi-task as duties include script reading, answering phones, and other general office duties. No previous experience needed. Please email resume and cover letter to Brandon at [email protected] and [email protected]
  23. PRODUCTION CO. SEEKS PHYSICAL PRODUCTION ASSISTANT http://www.tracking-board.com/production-co-seeks-physical-production-assistant/ PRODUCER SEEKING TOP-NOTCH ASSISTANT http://www.tracking-board.com/producer-seeking-top-notch-assistant/ MARKETING/BRANDING AGENCY SEEKING ASSISTANT ASAP! http://www.tracking-board.com/marketingbranding-agency-seeking-assistant-asap/ SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING COMPANY SEEKING AD ANALYST http://www.tracking-board.com/social-media-advertising-company-seeking-ad-analyst/ FILM AND TELEVISION PRODUCTION CO SEEKS ASSISTANT TO CEO http://www.tracking-board.com/film-and-television-production-co-seeks-assistant-to-ceo/ COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION CO. SEEKING FT OFFICE MANAGER http://www.tracking-board.com/commercial-production-co-seeking-ft-office-manager/ SEEKING EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT TO THE HEAD OF LIT/DEVELOPMENT AT ELEVATE ENTERTAINMENT http://www.tracking-board.com/seeking-executive-assistant-to-the-head-of-litdevelopment-at-elevate-entertainment/ FILM PRODUCTION & FINANCE COMPANY SEEKING ASSISTANT TO CEO & EXECS http://www.tracking-board.com/film-production-finance-company-seeking-assistant-to-ceo-execs/ MOTION PICTURE LEGAL DEPARTMENT ATTORNEY SEEKS HIGHLY DETAIL-ORIENTED ASSISTANT http://www.tracking-board.com/motion-picture-legal-department-attorney-seeks-highly-detail-oriented-assistant/ PRODUCER SEEKING FANTASTIC NEW ASSISTANT http://www.tracking-board.com/producer-seeking-fantastic-new-assistant/ MARKETING & PRODUCTION CO BASED ON UNIVERSAL LOT SEEKING ASSISTANT http://www.tracking-board.com/marketing-production-co-based-on-universal-lot-seeking-assistant/ VIDEO GAME PUBLISHER SEEKING EXPERIENCED EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT FOR CEO http://www.tracking-board.com/video-game-publisher-seeking-experienced-executive-assistant-for-ceo/ BOUTIQUE MANAGEMENT CO. SEEKING NEW ASSISTANT http://www.tracking-board.com/boutique-management-co-seeking-new-assistant/ MID-SIZED AGENCY SEEKING BELOW THE LINE AGENTS http://www.tracking-board.com/mid-sized-agency-seeking-below-the-line-agents/ TV PRODUCTION & DISTRIBUTION CO. SEEKS ASSISTANT http://www.tracking-board.com/tv-production-distribution-co-seeks-assistant/ MARKETING BRANDING COMPANY SEEKING PROJECT MANAGER http://www.tracking-board.com/marketing-branding-company-seeking-project-manager/ STUDIO SEEKING EXPERIENCED TV RESEARCH ANALYST http://www.tracking-board.com/studio-seeking-experienced-tv-research-analyst/ BOUTIQUE PR FIRM SEEKING ASSISTANT TO SENIOR PUBLICIST http://www.tracking-board.com/boutique-pr-firm-seeking-assistant-to-senior-publicist/
  24. A feature film production company seeks a motivated unpaid intern to begin immediately. Duties include providing script coverage, answering phones, rolling calls, and managing a producer’s schedule. Applicants must be available on Tuesday or Thursday, preferably both. We are looking for someone who has a passion for the film industry. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to break into film as you will learn from a successful producer. Please send resume and your availability to [email protected] Burbank studio lot based production co, driven by A-list talent, is seeking interns. Duties include reading scripts, writing coverage, and general administrative tasks. Great opportunity to gain exposure to all aspects of the filmmaking and television process. Ideal candidates are educated, professional and respectful. This is an unpaid internship, 2 days a week and lasts 4 months on average. Please send a brief cover letter and resume to [email protected] Boutique Talent Management Company with A-list clients seeking eager interns to start immediately. There is room for advancement. Must be able to handle heavy phones and other administrative duties. Candidate should be motivated, professional, organized, and computer literate. Interest in talent management is a plus. This position is unpaid. Please send cover letter and resume to [email protected] Pretty Pictures, Gail Mutrux’ production company (Quiz Show, Donnie Brasco, Kinsey, Nurse Betty), is seeking development/production interns. Duties include reading available properties (scripts, books, articles), writing coverage, researching projects and participating in development meetings as well as providing office support to the VP/Development. An outstanding opportunity to learn about the machinations of film development. Unpaid internship, on the Universal Lot. Please email resume and cover letter to [email protected]
  25. HAPPY V-Day Everyone!

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