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  1. 2014 Launch Pad Judges Announced alongside Promos, extension & refer-a-friend free feedback notes: http://bit.ly/UmmRXP

    1. SAKA


      Incredible statistics...except for the Big N, this would be the contest to enter.

  2. Major Launch Pad Announcements Coming in a few minutes... Get ready, and be sure to follow #LPFC on Twitter.

    1. admin


      It was August 8th, but an extension is coming with the announcement.

    2. Nic8767


      Sweet! I might have something ready by then.

    3. admin


      Boom! Huge announcement:


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  3. Have fun at Comic Con everyone!

  4. #LPFC Get on Twitter and get to know the hashtag now, as next week we're bringing interviews w/ writers, agents, managers, and exclusive Launch Pad Promos as we announce all of the 2014 Launch Pad judging panel & spotlight 25 writers, reps & execs for a Twitter-based Q&A session for our community!

  5. Who's reading what? Latest round of WTF should I be reading in my downtime? Looking for new(er) material. 2013/2014. Any recommendations?

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    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      Sicario (Taylor Sheridan), The Rover,(David Michod), The Drop - aka Animal Rescue (Lehane), Midnight Special (Jeff Nichols), Brilliance (David Koepp), A Garden at the End of the World (Gary Graham)

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      Lost City of Z an excellent read!

    4. Manny


      I've got a thriller called No Place of Peace if anyone wants to read, pm me. Its with a couple management reps but I write to be read and as many eyeballs I can get I'm happy for. Otherwise, I finished, Brilliance (the first book) and The Shining Girls, a little while ago. Both really good reads.

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    2. Storytell


      Congrats to all the Top 10 and to TB for having a contest that really makes a difference in a writer's career.

    3. Nic8767


      Congrats to the finalists!


    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      Good show, folks!

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  6. Helping TB get this book out there. Please tweet, retweet, three tweet as much as you can #specbook - Ladies & Gents, we are very proud to introduce our "2013 Spec Market: Year in Review" w/ 350 pages of exclusive data http://bit.ly/NEzzOe

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    2. Foz90


      Incredible effort.

    3. sankofa



    4. Zoned


      This IS great! I mean, like - songs should be written about you guys by Muses to be sung by a choir of merry Mermaids - great! THIS is the definitive guide to the spec market, with an aesthetically pleasing design that can actively engage the user's imagination. Or to be specific: Good job! Thank you! * Amazing *

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  7. Have an action packed night of TV planned with new episodes of 'The Walking Dead', 'True Detective' and 'Black Sails'. That's some must watch TV!

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    2. aphid47


      Myst, I watched the first three episodes of Longmire. It's pretty good so far.

    3. craktactor


      Orphan Black, hellz yeah! She/They remind me of a few girlfriends from the past. I escaped unharmed, physically anyway.

    4. aphid47


      emotionally is another story


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  8. BOOM! Our first TB Recommended writer of 2014 is official. Take a look at Charles Peirce's "THE VAGABOND PRINCE" - http://bit.ly/1iivqKt

    1. Mike


      Bobby's shout out is just a prelude to what you can expect in 2014. Consider it a practice gaffe. Cos, as we all know, Bobby's not all there.

    2. Nic.Lishko


      LOL. Well said Mike!

    3. zkendall


      So how do we get a hold of it?

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  9. Bad Robot, Scott Free, Verve, Energy Entertainment, Bad Hat Harry, Caliber Media Co, Gersh, Resolution, DMG, Madhouse Entertainment, Benderspink, Circle of Confusion, Romark Entertainment, WME, Station3, Manus Entertainment, Hopscotch Pictures, Dark Factory, Kailey Marsh, Rosa Entertainment & Anarchy Entertainment... just a few of the places judging the Launch Pad Pilot Competition. ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER! http://bit.ly/1hU1t39

    1. aphid47


      I'm about to slip another pilot in

    2. sankofa
  10. I'm sure it's common knowledge guys, but please do not under any circumstances upload a copy of Quentin's script if you find it somewhere out in the world.

  11. Hey guys, I'm looking to see if any of you guys are interested in helping out as mods on the forums this year? Lost a few of my fellow colors last year. Any interest?

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    2. sankofa


      just got a pm :)

    3. Penelope


      Just sent a PM, not really interesting in being a color but I'd love to be able to keep the ISO forum a little (LOT) more organized.

    4. Mike


      Do you really want foxes in the henhouse?

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  12. Ahhh, only 3 days left of the holiday. I need something amazing to read for fun before I go back to reading lots and lots for work. Thoughts?

    1. Mr. Mo

      Mr. Mo

      I loved Ion by Will Dunn, one of my favourite scripts that I've read.

    2. craig


      JoJo Rabbit was great.

  13. Hey everyone if you have an end of year list similar to the ones Cakes and Jaco did in the LISTS section here that you'd like to go up on the site, take a look there and add one in. Can't promise they'll all make the site, but it'll be fun!

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    2. Michael L

      Michael L

      Thank you... I hadn't scrolled down enough.

    3. axalon


      Very cool of you to post those Red

    4. laurenstotts


      Great lists. I prefer script recommendations from you guys over my regular selection technique, which is based on oracle bones.

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  14. Congratulations to all of you who made The Hit List!!!

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    2. mikeyP_73
    3. sankofa


      Congratulations to Dan, Kate and everyone at Tracking Board who made The Black List! WHOOT! WHOOT! WHOOT! WHOOT! :)

    4. aphid47


      Way to go Mike and Dan!

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  15. #HITLIST2013 - Monday morning!

    1. dsjones


      Who will be out first? BL or HL?

    2. Elliott79


      Are both Black List and Hit List due today, DS?

    3. sbbn


      Both are due out today, Elliott. Black List at 10am pacific. Not sure the time for the Hot List.

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  16. Trying to win a bet with my sister, Top 5 Xmas movies - Go!

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    2. Mysterian


      Good call sbbn... movie is funny as hell.

    3. admin


      See this is why I needed you guys. Bad Santa and Elf both off my top 5. Ugh!

    4. Elliott79
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  17. Eager to see that pothead take on "Day of the Triffids", don't leave me hanging Stark & Garrett. What else am I going to do over the holiday break.

    1. Michaelbstark


      Think of it as a cautionary tale, Red. We have Wolverton and the first draft of Buffalo Bill (Specs of 2011) on the forums, too.

  18. CHAT. IS. BACK.

  19. I'm sure everyone's seen it by now, but um, did you see this judging panel - http://bit.ly/1bXNvcp

    1. Nic8767


      Looks amazing!

    2. aphid47


      I'm excited! You may be seeing a couple from me enter the competition.

    3. ThaVillain


      Gotta admit, I was a bit skeptical of the Launch Pad competition (as I am with most comps), but the results speak for themselves. This contest is FOR REAL. I guess my bro and I will be submitting the comedy pilot we've been working on!

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  20. I would love to see Pixar make this logline winning film - http://bit.ly/17AaAmj

    1. Michael L

      Michael L

      Nice one. I like the contest too.

    2. Frobisher


      The winning logline sounds just like LAST VEGAS, the only difference is... *crickets*

    3. ... who are those guys?
  21. Young & Hungry Day! Woot woot!

    1. Coz


      When does it come out?

    2. Escapist


      and does anyone know when this year's blood list comes out?

  22. Added 200+ new pilots (not files yet) to the 2013 grid before they get picked up for 2014.

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    2. opie100
    3. admin


      Trying to compile them now with a few of you other wonderful people on here. Already have about 300 there, and lots of the new ones have yet to be written.

    4. admin


      200 I should say.

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