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  1. Have an action packed night of TV planned with new episodes of 'The Walking Dead', 'True Detective' and 'Black Sails'. That's some must watch TV!

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    2. sankofa


      um season 2 of Hannibal in less than 2 weeks! And Orphan Black! WHOOT! WHOOT! :)


    3. admin


      Yeah, Helix is very hit or miss. Eager to see it spawn into something, but also expecting it to go the way of Caprica. And 100% yes, eager and ready for House of Cards, Orphan Black and Hannibal season 2. Can't wait!

    4. Mysterian


      I dig Helix but agree it's been up and down. Banshee is a fun show not many people watch let alone know about. Orphan Black had a great first season. Justified is always a good too. And, i'm glad to see Hell on Wheels get some love above, it's a local production here.

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