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  1. Tarsem signing on to do "Killing on Carnival Row" proves that his mission in life is to single-handedly destroy everything I love!

    1. mikeyP_73


      I was watching a documentary/interview on one of the Batman producers from WB who says on average it takes 8 years to get a movie made in Hollywood.... and this script has been around for so long and so beloved, that to get Tarsem is a kick in the nuts to that screenwriter :(


    2. storymaps99


      I'd love to see Fincher, Ridley Scott or another great director do "The Devil in the White City." I head Tom Cruise and Fincher were attached at some point.


    3. Jabbatron


      Del Toro would have been great. Tarsem will bring a unique visual flair, but this was written for Del Toro.

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