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  4. SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN by Evan Daugherty View File Logline: Tonally in the vein of “Alice in Wonderland,” story will bring a fresh PG reimagining to the origin tale of Snow White. Sold: September 29, 2010 Sale Price: $1.6 Million against $3.25 Million Notes: Script was part of a 5-studio bidding war, between Sony, Paramount, Fox, New Regency and Summit, before Uni swooped in with a heft 7-figure deal, and a guaranteed greenlight! Story is loosely based on the classic “Snow White” fairytale. Full Details Here: http://www.tracking-board.com/snow-white-and-the-huntsman-sales/ Submitter tbblue Submitted 10/10/2010 Category Spec Tracking 2010  
  5. Remember the Chat Room? Oh, the glory days of TB. 

  6. I trade scripts...

    1. Nomadwriter


      Any leads on the Jacob Chase untitled Supernatural Script? I have Holdout from the Hitlist.


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